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We offer a comprehensive package to our
employees that includes compensation
and other rewards and benefits tailored to
individual needs, role responsibilities,
contribution and performance. It also
takes into account personal circumstances
to support a balanced work-life for our people



Eupnea insurance plan provides broad coverage that includes medical, paramedical,
dental, vision and mental health support. Employees are eligible to receive upon
joining us


We provide to our people a health benefits
plan that covers from fast-track processed
consultation with a GP including seeing a private GP in person, or specialist


Employees can receive paramedical
treatment by an osteopath,
physiotherapist, acupuncturist, homeopath
or chiropractor for problems with muscles,
bones and joints, or just to ease the day-
to-day pressure

Dental & Vision

We support employees to look after their
teeth and eyesight covering partof the cost
of  dentist and optician fees and prescribed glasses and contact lenses

Mental Health

We provide cover if an employee wants to
see a mental health specialist, and attend
counselling sessions or receive treatment
in a private hospital


We want our employees to feel well and have a healthy life. We provide access to expert support and a range of rewards to our people to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles

Employee Assistance Program

Employees can receive confidential
support for psychological issues, everyday
life management situations such as legal, debt, family, consumer and housing
concerns, and life-changing
events like bereavement from a fully qualified counsellor

Wellbeing Support

Access to health and wellbeing support tailored to your individual health goals
with personalised suggestions and easy-to-use tools

Wellbeing Rewards

A range of health products that support
and reward our employees for putting
their health first. We also provide
discounted Gym membership

Rewards and benefits


We compensate our employees by offering a competitive package that rewards for
contribution and performance. Employees receive base salary and may be eligible for a
range of other financial rewards such as signing bonus, variable pay, overtime pay,
retirement plan membership and Eupnea equity

Retirement Plan

Employees are eligible to become a member of our retirement plans immediately upon joining and make contributions through salary deductions. Subject to set eligibility criteria, we will also add money into your plan to help you save for retirement

Employee Bonus Scheme

Employees participate in our bonus
scheme during each year of their
employment and receive a financial
reward linked to company and individual performance

Other Financial Rewards

We may provide other financial rewards
to our people such as a signing bonus
immediately upon joining to spend on
whatever they like, and Eupnea equity
in the form of share option grants

Time Off

Employees receive a generous paid time-off for holidays and sickness. Eupnea provides additional days on top of the statutory entitlement and flexibility so our people have choice to accommodate their individual, family or otherwise personal needs


Employees receive paid days to take as holidays each year, including all UK public/bank holidays

Company Sickness Scheme

When you are unable to work due to illness or injury, we provide paid time off to take, in addition to your statutory entitlement each year

Rewards and benefits

Family & Working Parents

Eupnea is committed to supporting employees who have a family or are working parents through provision of a range of benefits, flexibility when making care arrangements and access to expert support

Maternity, Paternity, Parental and Adoption Leave for parents

Time Off for Care

We support employees who need to take
time off to provide care or make care
arrangements for a dependant, such as parent, spouse, child, grandchild or partner

Family & Working Parents Support

Access to fully qualified counsellors for help with family and childcare concerns for family and working parents