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Predictive Modelling

Predictive Modelling -Different customers have different needs, met in different ways with a relevant, bespoke and timely manner. As a result, customer contact personalisation and targeting optimisation through an approach that accurately identifies real customer needs can play a highly important role for the success of a business. We develop customer propensity scoring and weighting across the product and service offering mix of a business. This helps to achieve maximum sales and minimum expenditure in targeted Marketing campaigns by promoting to the right customers, the right products, with the right message, at the right time through the right channel. From experience, understanding customer needs is half the job of meeting them.

The analytical models predict a customer response following a communication from a business.Improving the identification of real customer needs and personalization through Predictive Modeling involves leveraging data. In this way, we reveal the need of a customer for a particular product or service relative to other customers and identify the set of customers with the highest likelihood to respond positively and take up the offer. Therefore, customer targeting is based on a sample of customers that will generate the best returns for a business, whether that be sales or other success factors. There is a variety of analytical models we apply to different sets of product and service offers across a range of Marketing activities aiming at customer acquisition, retention, cross-sell, profitability or value creation. As a result, we configure and combine multiple propensity models to best fit client requirements, for example to support different Marketing product test structures and campaign proposals or optimise spend.

Business Benefits
Customer Strategy: More oriented in market segments with prospects and customers of higher customer value creation
Product Development & Management: Personalised product offers across product/pricing test structures for customer groups with the highest propensity to accept
Customer Contact & Marketing: Based on accurate sales and service opportunities with lead allocation & prioritisation optimised across customer preferences, product offers, channel mix and customer strategy requirements
Customer Service: Value-driven and optimised follow-up customer contact / referrals