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Driving Business Response to the Impact of Covid-19: Strengthening Organisational Culture

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A rebalancing act bringing cohesion across all and distant parts

What is the impact?

The number of highly engaged employees increases from 40% to 60% when the organization acts on the social issues of today8.

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What challenge are businesses experiencing?

Today, the current pandemic has challenged every business about the very essence and value of their organisational culture. Their elements have been reaffirmed, reviewed, tested or even doubted extensively while the impact of the pandemic on various businesses is disrupting relationships with every stakeholder, testing organisation purpose and structure and creating a case for setting a new direction or failing to exist.

 It is becoming more challenging during these current times of extreme disruption for most businesses to maintain a strong, resilient and social-targeted organisational culture, thus it is proving to be needed the most for achieving sustainability and continuing on their course.

What businesses need to do?

A number of actions being taken by many businesses today to reduce the impact of the economic fallout due to the pandemic can create a cultural deficit for their organisations compared to pre-crisis levels. Businesses need to continue to strengthen their organisational culture as a most valuable asset for them despite the external shocks currently facing.

 A decisive response to the pandemic by many business leaders and honesty and transparency around its impact in organisational communications has helped most businesses to assemble a positive response from employees and derive the benefits from a strong organisational culture. However, given the nature of the current disruption organisations need to deploy more methods and extend these where possible to reinforce the result while considering their purpose across all stakeholders and effectively balancing amongst the most challenging organisational and business issues related to Covid-19 as they arise.

What businesses can achieve?

– Increasing business resilience during the crisis. Stimulating culture-driven support for quicker recovery.

 – Reassessing risk and value of supplier relationships based on cultural alignment to pandemic response and strong sense of fairness and ethics.

 – Increasing focus on social contract during the crisis and restating strong ESG organisational commitment.

 – Reducing inhibitors of organisational cultural surplus for stronger pandemic response.

 – Reviewing timeliness of organisational and business decisions and actions detrimental to organisational culture during the pandemic.

 – Achieving cohesion across all and distant parts and improving structural integrity.


8. Gartner 2020 ReimagineHR Employee Survey, 13 Oct. 2020

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