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Driving Business Response to the Impact of Covid-19: Refocusing Customer Service

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Rewriting best practice principles and the rule book of effectiveness

What is the impact?

58% of customers across the globe have raised their customer services standards due to Covid-195.

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What challenge are businesses experiencing?

With the physical world across most sectors of the UK economy being periodically over considerable time periods in a state of lockdown during this year and serious concerns of every customer for becoming infected prevailing during human interaction, customer services as we knew it before the crisis hit for every business has been rapidly and forcefully altered, given alternative restricted to Digital or otherwise ceased.

 The powerful dynamics and dramatic change towards Digital that we have seen over the last decade in customer buying and servicing behaviour and preference and evolving customer expectations as a result have accelerated due to the pandemic creating a need for new customer service practices and standards for individual businesses and whole industries.

What businesses need to do?

Businesses that are able under existing market conditions and individual circumstances need quickly and effectively to adapt customer services to the current requirement and refocus it with Digital integral and central within a strong customer service proposition. Continuing to serve their customers meeting new customer standards is vital as well as evolving their customer service practices to provide Digital experiences that customers value and are truly differentiated and meet latest customer needs, preferences and expectations as these are being formed in response to the pandemic and may be here to stay long after it.

What businesses can achieve?

– Delivering superior Digital experiences to customers tailored to changing needs and expectations.

 – Embracing Digital in customer service to enable continuity and development of new practices within a strong customer service proposition.

 – Achieving customer services excellence at new standards.

 – Maintaining capacity, utilisation and effectiveness of customer service through current external constraints, changing customer demand and business restructuring.

 – Achieving brand differentiation on service through qualities underpinned by flexibility, empathy and clear understanding of individual circumstances.


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