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Driving Business Response to the Impact of Covid-19: Modernising Working Practices

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New standards of engagement amongst employees. Workplace reimagined and mobility redefined

What is the impact?

Fewer than four in ten workers in the UK want to leave their house to go to work3. It is expected remote work to rise to 300% of pre COVID-19 levels4.

Prior to the pandemic, 68% of workers never worked from home.

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What challenge are businesses experiencing?

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, no workplace has remained unchanged, no employee has been unaffected and no working practices have been unvaried. Threatening our very existence, the pandemic has upended not only the way we live and interact with each other but equally critically the way we work, our preference of how to work, our motivation to work and our priorities between work and life.

What businesses need to do?

With a broad range of challenges related to workforce having emerged due to the pandemic from its outset, developing again an effective
workforce in a safe and engaging work environment, combining the Digital with the physical world, is vital for every business in order to navigate through the crisis and succeed in a post crisis new era.

 While high health and safety risks persist in the physical workplace, businesses need to provide great flexibility in working arrangements for employees, adopt new effective digitally-enabled working practices amongst employees, provide enhanced support to maintain at new standard employee engagement, satisfaction and motivation in a dispersed workforce and continuously improve, and reassure employees for, their ability to make the workplace safe again.

What businesses can achieve?

– Increasing engagement levels among
employees driven by strong purpose,
resilient leadership and clear and regular communications.

 – Reimagining workplace to reduce H&S risks, resuming/supporting activity and maintaining levels of productivity of employees.

 – Improving employee motivation and support through effective management with focus on outcomes and technologically-enabled oversight of activity.

 – Enhancing employee collaboration through new structures and Digitally-enabled synergies and a part of platform business in virtual/hybrid environments.

 – Effective adoption of new ways of working in the physical workplace supported by sharing purpose, recognition, discipline and supportive legislation.


3. YouGov – Working from home survey, 2-6 Sept. 2020
4. Predictions 2021: Technology And Customer Obsession Help Firms Emerge From Crisis Mode, Forrester, 15 Oct. 2020

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