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Customer Profiling & Segmentation

We can provide extensive expertise to help companies understand the customer segmentation, their characteristics, needs, behaviours and preferences and from that to design differentiated and more engaging products for their customers, identify product and service sales opportunities for Marketing, reveal cost-save customer migration opportunities amongst their services, or define what drives business value in customer relationships in order to create a more customer-centric and value-oriented business strategy.

 Our approach provides a clear and comprehensive description of the customer segments that technical and non-technical people in a business can use. We have full control of the process we use so that the final number of customer segments and how each segment is defined are in alignment with the priorities and focus of a business.

Business Benefits

The customer segmentation model helps in various areas of a business, such as
Customer Strategy: More value-oriented focused on customer segments with high business value generating potential
Product Development & Management: Personalized product offers and pricing per segment based on customers’ needs and behaviours and segmented P&L structures
Customer Contact & Marketing: Optimised customer contact per segment based on customer preference and needs and business requirements
Customer Service: More cost-efficient service driven by service cost reduction opportunities per segment

Customer Segmentation