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Customer Modeling

There are various ways where a business can generate value across the complete lifecycle of its interactions with customers from acquiring and selling to retaining. We develop a range of customer models ,customer modeling and  decision rules that can inform your business for customer engagement, loyalty, tenure, risk of attrition or profitability. Drivers of customer value as they are, we create opportunities for your business to generate business growth and improve on customer value.

 The customer models can look into customer information across multiple touchpoints with a business, how customers access the business, manage products and use services, and what behaviours they exhibit during their interactions with the brand. We provide a mix of management decision rules, based on a set of trade-offs amongst customer, product and service specific measures and followed by tailored actions for each business.

Business Benefits
Customer models have applications in various areas of your business, from formulating strategies, developing plans and articulating value to implementing business initiatives. For example,
Customer Retention Strategies: Identify different profiles of valuable customers at risk of attrition and create pre-emptive actions to protect business value
Service Planning: Rationalize customer service and identify areas of improvement along with a set of action points aimed at operational excellence

Service Adoption: Measure levels of service usage across different customer types, coupled with customer preference and  business offering to increase customer engagement
Service Migration: Portray users of a service along with their multi-channel behavioral mix to identify cost-efficiencies from migrating customers between services
Service Demise: Measure dependencies of customers with particular services and identify vulnerable customer types in the event of service cease along with suitable alternative solutions ensuring seamless transition and business continuity
Product Value Safeguarding: Identify customer types for different levels of risk to switch product provider in the event of pricing change, taking proactive steps to retain product value and customer relationship
Customer Value Generation: Articulate different levels of customer value, current and projected, to improve presently and future-proof